Dandelion is a 3D printed chair designed in 2013.

Dandelion was the 3D printed design most voted for the public on the Talent House competition organised by Imakr and 100% Design 2013.

To produce the prototyped chair, it took 128h printing and 3kg of white ABS, 1200 meters of 1.75mm ABS filament.

The Dandelion chair mirrors nature’s geometric pattern with a light and delicate structure. 

It has been designed for homes with little storage space and multifunctional working spaces.

Constructed from 12 patterned panels fixed with hinges, each panel can be folded until it becomes a perfect cube.


Dimensions: Folded 225mm w x 225mm d x 225mm h / Open 450mm w x 450mm d x 900mm h

Materials: 3D printed white ABS.

‘Most voted 3D design on Talent House Competition’
Organised by Imakr and 100% Design, 2013